Summer Course – accomodation

On April 30, 2012, in General, by gordonfong

For those that are thinking about camping at Hurst View, where the Devon crew and Arthur Meek Sensei stay at, then you should start making bookings.

Speak to Wing, he’s your man and is fully aware of us lot! He has been kind enough to say we could have a group BBQ at the place over the weekend so non-residents can come as well.

He says “Our normal camping charges are £20 for a two man tent and £25 for a bigger tent.
I am happy to offer £7 per person per night, regardless of tentage.
We could buy some cheapies and set them up for the visitors.
We have static caravans, but we can only rent them out by the week during the summer.”

Depending on the uptake, we would buy some cheap tents for people and have them set up ready especially if people are travelling from overseas, err yes, I mean you Italians. There is a pub near,


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